Oil prices caught in dollar’s game, ahead of NFP

Oil prices are like a game of poker right now, with players trying to figure out what everyone else is holding. There’s the China reopening story, OPEC’s card tricks, SPR releases and refills, and the dollar’s royal flush. It’s a high stakes game, but the pot is huge!

Traders are watching NFP and CPI data like hawks, looking for any tells that might indicate which way oil prices are headed. Powell’s hawkish comments have only upped the ante, with the markets going all in on a 50-point rate hike. Will they be able to bluff their way to a win?

For now, oil prices are stuck in a tight range of 73.00 to 82.50, like a hand with no pairs or straights. But there’s still hope for a lucky break! You could try raising the stakes by buying a bounce off of the 73.00 level or buying a break of the 82.50 level. If you’re feeling lucky, why not both? A break above 82.50 could mean a jackpot, while a break below 73.00 could signal a bust.

So grab your lucky rabbit’s foot and get ready to play the oil price game! Keep your eyes peeled for any new cards on the table and you just might hit the jackpot.

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